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Children Chiropractic Care in Arlington Heights

Chiropractic care of children requires a different set of skills. It also requires knowledge to ensure reducing risk to the patient as well as to the chiropractor.

Here at Absolute Health Clinic, our doctors have over 10 years of experience working with children. We understand that children require age appropriate techniques and protocols based on their anatomy and physiology. Flexibility of the connective tissue, incomplete bone formation and rapid growth will require a change in the direction and amount of pressure applied in the chiropractic techniques.

Parents should know that the pediatric patient is less likely to show a clear complaint of pain. Some complaints range from the irritable infant not able to feed at breast, to the toddles with irregular sleeping patterns, to the school age child who cannot sit still and focus in class, to the young athlete who wants to improve his running time.

There are many benefits to children seeing a chiropractor. Our chiropractors can improve your child’s immune system, improve their sleep and digestion as well as decrease the amount of headaches and earaches your child may have. Taking your child to a Chiropractor could also help with allergies, asthma and even realignment after fall or injury, and more!

Here at Absolute Health Clinic, our chiropractors look at the underlying issues, instead of just treating the surface symptoms.